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(no subject)

My work has taken away all access to web email. This is really frustrating - I try very hard not to use work mail for personal use. But it seems that they want me to use it that way. So I guess that I'll be increasing the load on their servers. Thank goodness for the recent comments page. Otherwise I'd have to wait until I got home to respond!

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they did the same to me at work, but they haven't done gmail yet - I suspect because it's not used commonly enough.

I got nailed all the way around. I don't see how they can possibly think this is a good thing. But then, it's corporate, so there's no thinking involved. :)

You can probably SSH-tunnel some access through your home linux box using PuTTY or a similar app...

That's true. But so much effort. It would be so much easier to just whine about it.

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