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(no subject)

Over the weekend, I got to meet my brothers new dog. He and his wife brought the puppy down to our parents house while my husband and I were there. This puppy is adorable. It's half lab, half border collie so the dog is too smart for it's own good. It's also the laziest puppy I've ever seen - he sat down for a very long time for a 6 month old dog. My brother claims that the dog doesn't like to run for more than 5 minutes at a time. They've even fenced their yard in for this puppy, and my sister-in-law takes him to work. She works in a vet office, so this is the perfect arrangement.

Meeting the puppy reinforced for me that I'm not up for raising or training or walking a dog. Particularly as it proved to me that I'm a little alergic to them. I get a rash from dog saliva, and no dog can go more than 5 minutes without licking someone, at least that's the way it seems when I'm around them. Maybe it's me.

Anyway, that's not the point. When my brother was talking about getting a dog, he was really excited. He's wanted a dog forever, but that was only half the reason they got this puppy. It seems that his wife doesn't feel safe in their house alone, particularly at night, so this dog is going to serve as protector. She's tiny - 5 feet and 100 pounds or so, but it still strikes me as odd that they would pick a house where she doesn't feel safe. I would say its safer where they are now than the apartment they used to live in. I also don't understand how having a dog, unless it's trained to attack on command, will make her any safer. Is it about the illusion or the reality? Unfortunately, I can't ask either. But it doesn't really matter, I guess, as long as she feels better. But I still worry for her.

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I don't like to be at home alone. I have, I guess, an overactive imagination. I'll freak myself right out if I have the opportunity. However, with the cat in the house, it's another "body", as it were, and then I'm not alone. So I don't get so imaginative. I realise that it makes very little rational sense. 'Cause certainly my cat is not going to save me from strangers. (Also sometimes *she* freaks me out by staring intently out the bedroom door as though someone else is in the apartment.) *grin*

Maybe your brother's wife is similar?

Except they already have three cats. I think she really expects this dog to protect her. I hope for her sake that they get it trained properly.

Fear of the boogeyman. That's why I prefer having pets in the house with me. They protect me from the dark and scary. ;-}

Mine are exactly the opposite. They *sound* like the boogeyman.

But then you can always justify the noise you're hearing as being from the cats, right?

Oh come on, you know you want to Buca-sit!

For me, having a dog that barks whenever she hears something "off" in the house makes me feel a little safer. I know that she would only sniff an intruder's butt, but she'd at least let me know that there was an intruder coming.

Of course, it also scares the crap out of me when she gets startled in the middle of the night by a random cat maneuver and wakes me from a dead sleep with her alarm bark. Then I send husband to investigate with a curling iron or heavy figurine.

I love your dog - in small doses. When her tail isn't knocking things over. I'll probably like her even better when you get her a friend.

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