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(no subject)

With the latest announcement that SBC is trying to buy AT&T and the horrible service I get from Qwest (really, is it so hard to keep a phone line connected all the time?) I'm thinking of switching to an outsider. I'm thinking of moving both phone and DSL lines to Speakeasy, just to get away from the big business crap that's going on in the telcos right now. Anyone have any experience with them?

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My sister used them for at least a year, I think. (Speakeasy/COVAD). She was not pleased in the long run and ended up terminating service with them. I'm not sure exactly what the problem was, but I think part of it was speed... also I remember she said they were more expensive?

They are a bit more expensive, but I've had Qwest cut off my phone line for no reason at all. And the cost involved covers long distance, so it almost evens out. Would you mind asking her why she terminated?

Okay I asked her - she said their installation period was long and "a pain in the ass"... and that their support wasn't the greatest. However, she said that was a long time ago and she figures that they've probably improved greatly since then!

Thank you! I'm definitely going to have to ask some hard questions when I talk to them. This whole "installation" thing intrigues me.

They still don't own the copper to your house, so you're still gonna have problems with bozo telcos, you just won't directly be a customer.

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