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(no subject)

I'm fighting a very active case of the blahs. Somehow I've managed to convince myself that even though I'm at work, I'm actually at home loafing about and taking the day off to do what I please. I can't quite figure out how I've managed to create this impression, particularly as I was actively busy this morning. Nevertheless, here I am trying to figure out what to do with myself since I have the whole day to loaf about.

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Folgers in a cabbage cup!

Some suggestions:

1. Think about Las Vegas
2. Make a shopping list for Saturday
3. Flex and release your butt muscles while sitting
4. Write a haiku about your job
5. Plot your revenge

That sounds like a good list of things to do. Which are you working on?

Well, all of them, of course! Except the haiku. I can't do more than one of those a week.

Blahs suck. Actually, blahs are okay when you're at home. They really suck when you're at work.

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