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For some reason, yesterday was pretty good. I was cranky when I got to work, but that's just a morning thing. A coworker and I ended up going for coffee, where we had a wonderful conversation with the baristas about the sleeves they use on the coffee cups. The ones at Tully's have holes on the inside and are kind of like Chinese Finger Traps. So every time I see one, I want to play with it. I was amusing myself and commented on it out loud. The wonderful barista mentioned that they use them sometimes like Wonder Woman bracelets, deflecting imaginary projectiles. This sent me into gales of laughter. I still think I need to collect them to make a suit and protect myself.

Lunch was spent with former coworkers, where we laughed and talked. I got to ask about the surprising (for me, anyway) pregnancy of my single friend, which was good. It wasn't something I wanted to broach over email, IM or the phone, what with the unknown status of her excitement over the pregnancy. But it was planned, so I'm very happy for her. Just immensely surprised as she never struck me as the maternal type. Just shows how wrong I can be.

On return from lunch, it was time to head back out for a walk through the little "preserved" section in this business park. While wandering, we got to see 2 wood ducks, a beaver, 2 coyotes, a penguin (really a plastic bottle, but my coworkers are a little whacked) and a great heron. It was unbelievable. Here in the middle of a business park that can't even be bothered to house a restaurant, the salmon-preserving stream is home to wildlife! Crazy.

And of course, after work I went to PT. I seriously got my butt kicked, but I was in such a good mood about quitting my job that I just didn't care. I didn't even have any anger to call on to push myself very hard. Still made progress though. Amazing.

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You quit your job??? Or are you just happy about having decided that you will quit your job soon?

Oh, and I can imagine your gales of laughter. They hurt my ears sometimes, but I love them just the same.

I haven't quit yet. Monday I call recruiters to get me a new job. I will quit soon! It is my birthday present to myself.

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