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Exhaustion has set in. I slept terribly last night, despite the crash after cleaning all weekend and making Easter dinner for 6. It was a success, but then it's hard to screw up a spiral ham. The instructions are printed on the plastic wrap. In fact, I was remarkably proud of my matching serving set and the tablecloth/napkins/runner/vase that all matched the living room. It was actually pretty scary. I'm somewhat ashamed of the happiness this small domestic success has brought on, but then I so rarely do anything challenging in that arena that I should be proud.

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I know how you feel. We had in-laws for dinner to eat brats and I set out the good china and all the trimmings. Sometimes it's nice to use the quality things you have lying around that don't get used often enough.

And the platters! I have 4 that never get used. I swear, I'm going to have more dinner parties just to play with this stuff.

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