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My camera ate my pictures

One of the memory sticks for my camera has about 40 pictures on it. My camera refuses to acknowledge them, other than that the stick is partially used. This is making me angry, particularly since every time I think I want to download, caption and post them I remember that the camera's being a bastard. And I get pissed off all over again and just want to throw the thing and give up. I know, this is a very productive solution to the problem.

I guess what's really bugging me is that I don't know where to start to even try to fix the problem. I guess the manufacturer is as good a place as any.
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If it's the camera's problem and not the memory stick, you should be able to just plug your memory stick into any other camera or memory-reader and gank the pictures off of it. Heck, you could probably go to Kinko's and have it done for $10.

If it's a problem with the memory stick and not the camera, however, you could very well be boned - Flash memory is picky and fickle.

For some reason your subject line reminds me of the TMGB song "The Statue Got Me High."

I know that doesn't help your current predicament, but maybe it will divert your attention for a few seconds or so.

In the meantime, use this experience for writing science fiction. Cameras doing weird things could be a sci-fi cliche. Maybe? Pretend it's broken because it's sucked out someone's soul. Someone annoying.

Or maybe I should shut up now.

While that's entertaining... I think I'm just going to pretend that you're not thinking up stories about sucking out souls.

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