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Check that off the list!

The carpenter came and installed my fireplace mantle last night. I did a little dance of joy as he was bringing in the pieces, but had to hide downstairs while he was installing them. I sometimes get compulsive about that sort of thing, and I just had a feeling it would be better to be downstairs than hovering over his shoulder and watching the whole time. So instead I cleaned the catbox and crocheted more of the baby blanket I'm working on.

When he finally finished, I popped upstairs and stared at my new fireplace. It's beautiful. It's not stained yet, and we still have to install the tile, but it's perfect. I can't wait to post pictures.

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So very much! I did several dances of joy last night.

Yeah, I love dancing for joy, mostly cuz it means I'm happy. Congrats on the new fireplace!

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