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Business what?

I'm not going to whine about the fact that I have to go on a business trip. Really. Jet lag and working 12 hour days is just peachy. Particularly when you'll be with people 24x7 that you're only supposed to be around 8 hours a day. Um, that's not whining. Really.

But I need help! The place I'm going has a business casual dress code: slacks, button up shirts, that sort of thing. So easy if you're a man. But I want to wear skirts. It's going to be 75 out! I must wear a skirt! So I need guidance on what kinds of skirts count as work-appropriate.

Poll #479206 Skirting

What length?

Anything other than a mini
Mid-thigh or longer

How trendy?

Solid colors/conservative prints
Anything as long as it didn't come from a store that uses sexy teenagers to advertise

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I've struggled with the what-to-wear dilemma for more than four years now in my job. I don't want to dress like a grandma or a lawyer and be uncomfortable all day, but I also don't want to be revealing and unprofessional. I think as long as your skirts are knee-length or longer, you're respectable. That's my guideline anyway. If I can sit without showing my wares, I'm comfortable. And for tops, no T-shirts or tank tops obviously. Something with a collar is usually a good guideline. Definitely nothing that shows cleavage or midriff or any kind of see-through material. You have a good eye for what's professional and what's trashy and what's club-wear and what's strictly for old ladies, so I'm sure you'll do just fine.

But I want to wear my cute new green skirt! Is that ok? Or too... trendy?

It's knee-length. It would be perfect! Just don't wear a t-shirt with it.

This all depends on what warm weather place you are going to. Charleston is very different from Miami and I can't imagine that it's the same dress code really in Arizona or California, Texas varies slightly by city and I'm guessing that what passes for Seattle Chic can seem a bit more frumpy the further East you go. (And by "guessing" I mean "know for sure from recent experience")
So question 1 = where to?
question 2 = got time to go shopping?

I'm going to a suburb of Altanta. Is that south enough to not be very east coast? And I do have time to shop, but if it's going to be too hard, I'll just go with the nice slacks.

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