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Last night, after heading to Target to pick up presents for my niece (and going a little crazy), my husband and I went for sushi at The Most Fabulous Sushi Restaurant Ever. Yes, it's so good it requires all caps. We never even order when we go there, we just plunk down in front of the bar and the chef makes stuff for us. It's always a surprise, but the food is excellent. He's a very trustworthy man, at least as far as sushi's concerned. Other than that? Last night he was trying to convince us that it's impossible for a woman to be a sushi chef because of all the makeup on her hands. He claims it makes the food taste weird.

Anyway, last night, after savoring the sashimi, we had some sort of roll with eel on top (a variant of the Dragon Roll I think) and a hand roll, followed by tempura ice cream. The hand roll didn't use seaweed, but rather a substitute that was sweet and white. Frankly, I didn't like it very much, but I could see how people who don't like the taste of seaweed would prefer it.

ms_monkey and pygma_lion, our chef wanted to make sure we were still friends and you guys were ok. He hadn't seen you in too long and was worried!

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What's your vote for the top sushi restaurants?

I like Shiro's and Wasabi Bistro in Belltown, plus Nikko in the base of the Westin Hotel (all downtown Seattle of course).

Up north there's Yamashiro Bistro, and on the east side I haven't found much, though I Love Sushi is pretty decent...

I'm not very adventurous with sushi places. But of the ones I've been to, the one by my house is by far the best. Have you been to Yama San in Bothell? How does that rate on your list?

Haven't been yet. Sounds like a fun excursion ;-)

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