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The lowest ranking movies on IMDB: Note that Glitter is below Pirahna Part 2: The Spawning

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Good lord, Robocop 3 outranked Glitter, Gigli, Battlefield Earth, Son Of The Mask, Street Fighter, Hercules in New York, Spice World, Mortal Kombat Annihilation, and the much beloved Santa Claus Conquers The Martians! And it tied "Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot".

And Ishtar didn't make the list.

Ok, I haven't seen Glitter, Gigli, or Son of the Mask. But I thought the others were (though pretty lame) better than Robocop 3, which was really just painful to see.

Have you rated them yet? You should go in a fix those results!

I'm shocked and horrified that Anaconda isn't on that last. The upside-down waterfall alone should have guaranteed it's spot somewhere near Master of Disguise.

Oh! I'd totally blocked that scene out! You're right!

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