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One of my cats is partially self-pilling. This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I've been feeding the cats some fish oil so that they'll get good fats and maybe eat a little less. But they've been avoiding the food that had oil on it the next morning, so I thought it might be easier to give the cat the pill directly. Seems he's come to associate the yummy fish oil with the pills.

So now, I'm just giving him the giant gel-cap that's filled with oil. He grabs the pill and rolls it around in his mouth chomping on it until it pops, then he swallows the whole thing. I swear, he's insane.
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I'm glad you explained what you meant by pilling. I immediately had a picture of your cat accumulating little knobs of furry sweater fluff all over his body. You know, like this definition of pill: To form small balls resembling pills: a sweater that pills.

Yeah, cause he could to that. If he were that kind of pilling, he'd be one huge mass of tangle.

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