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1) Where would you put yourself on a political spectrum - left, centre or right and to what degree?
Left of center for the most part. Though I have a strong streak of "shut the hell up and learn to take care of yourself" in me.

2) Were politics were discussed in your household when you were growing up?
Not really. Dad works for the government, so he never wanted to talk about it. And he and Mom have always been on opposite sides of the fence. In fact, over the years, they've switched sides. But they're still cancelling each other out.

3) Do you discuss politics? With whom?
Very, very rarely. Most people who want to talk about politics make me crazy with their inability to discuss. Trying to convert me with volume and/or stubbornness just means I won't talk to you any more.

4) Do you think people should discuss politics?
Yes. Operative word there is discuss.

5) Should you vote if you're not informed about the issues?
I'm torn on this one. Some information is better than none, and in Washington they send out a pamplet to everyone with the full text of the ballot measures, so it's hard not to be at least a little informed. I'm always worried about voting for the people though. You can never really know what they're going to do (unless they've been in the seat before), but reading their statements gives me an inkling of what they're like. At least, it lets me know what they think of me as a voter.
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