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Busy, Busy

Last weekend I think I did more before noon than I've done in the last couple of weeks put together. Ok, so I'm exaggerating a bit, but it certainly didn't feel like it when I kept checking the clock Saturday morning expecting it to be lunchtime.

Over the weekend we:

  • attached more tile to the fireplace
  • weeded the back yard
  • pruned the trees (This is my favorite part. I love getting out there with the shears and lopping bits off.)
  • cut blackberries
  • prepped and painted the floor trim
  • cut tile to ready it for attaching to the fireplace

Next steps are to:

  • order the rest of the tile (seems we managed to waste more than I'd planned on) and finish attaching it
  • cut the tape from the walls around the trim and do necessary touching up (never use blue painters tape on paint you want to stay attached)
  • arrange the furniture

We're getting so close to being done, I can see it!

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Wow, good for you! So...about blackberries...are you keeping any or weeding them ot completely? If you are keeping them and don't know what to do with all the fruit, call me and I'll help pick...as long as I can take home some berries :)

We're killing them all. They're leaping from the space between the fences into my planted yard and trying to set up homes, so they all have to go. But if there are any berries, I'll let you know. :)

Blackberry bushes are the devil.

Yes. Especially since they've migrated to the LAWN. Or rather, what used to be the lawn.

I feel your pain. Ever since Laurel bought this new house, weekends have been one never-ending work schedule. Man.

DIY projects are addicting. But they take 3 times as long as they should and are never as straight forward as they ought to be.

Addicting? Eh. Remind me of this when I start talking about installing a new air conditioner.

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