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I wonder

Do the strips Jack Chick writes converting anyone? Or is he only read by people who want to point and laugh?

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That's some fancy grammar you got there.

His comic strips are too long for me to call them comic strips. My attention span isn't long enough. So I didn't read them. So I can't answer your question.

Yes, thank you English Lady.

They're just scary. I read the "Make you GAY" one yesterday. I liked his drawings of devils. Isn't that some sort of sacrilege?

They converted me to the Church of Saint Dogbert.

Hmm. Maybe that was a different comic strip.

Pretty sure you're just losing your grip on reality. But I could be wrong. :)

I think that happened about fifteen years ago ;-) Wasn't that about when I met you? :D

Has it really been that long? I blame you!

Aah! Howabout a disclaimer on those things? I didn't bother looking to close at the page, just found a list of "issues" and clicked on the first one...doh! Man, I hate those things.

Thought some of them are funny. In that "the writer is seriously out of touch" way.

What sort of warning would you use? "Caution, link may cause loss of sight, sensation and brain?"

"Caution, the following link contains about thirty trillion times the recommended daily allowance of religious intolerance."

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