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Last night, we finally moved some furniture out into the living room. It's been basically bare since we pulled up the carpet in, what, October? Anyway, we measured and thought and measured some more before finally deciding where everything would go. And so, we moved the fish tank out into its new home. That was it.

See, this is a 30 gallon tank and it weighs a ton, even when mostly empty. So moving the tank and refilling it committed us to a layout and constituted the hardest part of moving the furniture. In celebration, I bought a new fish. So now, I have 2 fine, happy goldfish in this tank. And one downstairs in the 10 gallon that's 1/2 dead and I just can't bear to kill the rest of the way. (He rests in a cramped, curled up position and can't control his floatation. But when he's active, he's perfectly fine.)