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(no subject)

I'm at home, and the weather is gorgeous. I'm not even working from home, I'm taking the day off. Of course, its not just to horse around, I actually have stuff I'm supposed to be doing. I get to move all the furniture and empty 2 rooms in preparation for a weekend of making this house the best house it can be. So exciting! Just moving furniture out into the living room makes this look like a whole new house. The new flooring will make a huge difference, I'm sure.

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Doing something new to your home is even better than moving houses, IMO. Because you've got pretty much everything set up the way you want it and adding that new touch here or there makes it that much sexier. I love that feeling.

Ah, if only it were a touch. Ripping up these rooms is going to be sheer hell. But sooooo worth it. That's what I keep telling myself. "Wait until its done! You'll love it!"

You'll get weeks and weeks of sheer novelty pleasure - every time you see it, you'll grin yourself silly.

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