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I'm sore and bruised and tired. But I have a new floor! Granted, the trim isn't all down yet, but that's a small obstacle. The carpet is up, the new floor is down and the house is ready to be put back together and reorganized. Soon. It must be soon.

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Werd. We're living surrounded by boxes and it's maddening.

At least your house will be clean. What a glorious way to start!

Yessss, precioussss. Clean . . . .

Neat. We've had the downstairs recarpeted, but are slow in getting the new shelves stained and coated. We still have the (previously mentioned) boxes of books in the garage waiting for a place to live. Once we're done there will be almost 50% shelf coverage in that room.

You know, they make a stain that's easy to use (paint on, wipe excess off). It's even environmentally friendly. We used it on the new fireplace. You can even adjust the coloring by re-wetting before you put the sealer on.

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