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I'm angry. Specifically, I'm angry at Qwest. They've eaten my DSL/phone for the last time! I called back last night after establishing that having the tech out to the house to fix the line problem didn't actually fix the problem. The nice man on the phone told me that they had no record of my call Tuesday and as such, had not sent out a tech. The rat bastard I spent half an hour talking with the day before hadn't made a ticket for my problem, let alone sent someone out.

So I ask the nice man when the last ticket was created for me. 2003. I know for a fact that I called between then and now when they mystically turned off the phone and DSL. This is the last straw. They have a failure rate of over 60% with their customer service and I'm not taking any more from them.

So I talked to the nice people at Speakeasy today and asked them about who controls the physical line if I have a problem and what it would take to get phone and DSL from them. So now I just have to decide what plan I want.


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I was seriously tempted to ask them if they were using Siebel. The guy on the phone was complaining of slow response times and had to log out and back in to their app before he could even access my account properly.

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