savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Flyday Fyve

1) Have you ever purchased anything online and if so, what was your first purchase?
Yes, shopping online is wonderful. I can't remember the first thing I bought, but it was probably from Amazon. I like to start relatively safe.

2) What was your most recent purchase?
I can't remember this one either! My guess is that it was a gift from Adagio Teas for my mom.

3) Do you prefer paypal, direct to vendor purchase or something else?
Direct from the vendor. Unless they're a scary vendor, and then I want PayPal as my gobetween.

4) Do you know a lot of people who buy online or are you the black sheep of your circle?
Everyone I know buys stuff online. Even my Dad, and he's almost 70.

5) Where do you see online retailing going in the future?
I don't see it changing much, other than incorporating more of the upsell into the automation.
Tags: flyday fyve
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