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(no subject)

There is a spider on my desk, under a styrofoam cup. Somehow it got onto my cube wall and couldn't find a way off. So it fell on my desk. I'm trying not to stare at it compulsively. So far, it's not working.

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You need a spider vacuum!

I wish I had one! Then I could carry it without having it crawl on me!

Most people would've a) killed it outright or b) frog marched it out into the wilds of Outside. Staring compulsively is just weird. ;-}

Well, I can't *touch* it! And it freaked me out too much with the surprise factor to kill it. If I could get it outside without having it crawl out of whatever was carrying it, that would work. But ewwwwww! Somehow, being at work has made it worse.

First week at work I found one in my office. Let out the most horrible girl-ish scream ever and promptly froze (from fear of spider and horror at what had just left my mouth at *work*).

Moments later, my new co-worker, NH comes dashing in to my office.

NH - (superhero voice) Did I just hear a scream?
Ms_monkey - nods yes.

NH - (superhero voice) Sounds like there must be a...(looks at the object I'm staring at)...spider. I'll get it!
Ms_monkey - (barely squeaks out) 'kay.

NH then rushes over to the offensive creature, cups his hand, and scoops up the hairy beast. Then he does what is truly unthinkable: he crushes the spider in his BARE hand!
Ms_monkey - (regains composure now that the creature is killed) My hero! (mocking voice, of course!) (more seriously) I had really hoped that phobia wouldn't come to light for at least a few more weeks.

NH leaves the room to dispose of the spider and goo on his hand.

Neither of us has spoken of this to the other since.

Re: yeah...spidey sucks

He picked it up? In his hand? Then crushed it? That's just crazy!

Re: yeah...spidey sucks

*I* *KNOW*!
He is a bit nuts, overall it makes working here better though.

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