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(no subject)


 1) Your pet of choice: cats, dogs, other?
Cats, easily. Followed by fish.

2) Of these, which (if any) do you co-habitate with?
Cats, fish and human. Plus, about a zillion and one plants. Yes, it's a jungle.

3) Ever had to give up a pet due to circumstance?
No, nor would I. I wouldn't give up a family member either. My parents, however, gave up a dog once. He needed a fence (he was a runner) and they didn't have one. So they gave him to a family that could give him that boundary.

4) How often in your life have you lived in a pet-free home?
For about 6 years, during college and my first job. I couldn't afford to eat, let alone feed a pet.

5) What's the most irresponsible pet ownership activity you've ever seen?
My parents live in a neighborhood where people used to drop animals off that they didn't want anymore. Leaving your domesticated pet in coyote-infested territory is much more cruel than putting them to sleep. And certainly makes you more of a jerk than trying to find a home for it.