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(no subject)

I love camisoles. Really, they're so much better than mens undershirts it's not even funny. The only problem is that since I happen to have a strong pear shape (aka hips that make my waist defined) they ride right the heck up. Yes, this is silly. But a bunch of cloth at my waist feels really odd.

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I never could wear camisoles. The boobs wouldn't fit.

That's an excellent excuse. And you have seasons up there! If I had seasons, I might not need them to keep from freezing to death. That, and a reasonable temperature in the office.

Jaysus - a reasonably temperatured office. I feel like I'm in Calcutta, waiting room for hell. It's hawt up here and probably more humid than it is outside (and outside is 70%). I can't even breathe in here.

? I thought you had seasons.

Well, as a general rule there's wet and cold (but above freezing), wet and cool, or wet and warmish. Not much call for wool sweaters or summer clothes. I guess that's why grunge started here, we wear jeans and tshirts (with an overshirt for warmth) year round.

Ick! Your office must be in an older building. Please tell me they're not that cruel on purpose.

They're not this cruel on purpose. It's an old building, top floor with failing infrastructure. None of it is the slightest bit up to code.

Tunic camisoles with embellishment are all the rage right now! (Wow. How retail of me.)

Have you tried the type where the cami is slitted on each side on the bottom? I find that that makes it a little easier for the hips, and not so tight fitting at the bottom.

I haven't. I'm going to have to find one of those, it sounds perfect!

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