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Cranky. Seriously cranky. These last 2 days have just been annoying as crap. Yesterday it poured down rain and something in my car leaked all the water *into* the car. So, sopping wet roof and floor. And I can't get it to the mechanic (the ones that habitually break something when they look at my car) until Tuesday. It had better not rain until then.

At least I got enough sleep last night. I was able to get out of bed only a little late this morning and I feel wonderfully rested. Another night of laundry and sleeping. OK, I'm going to be in a better mood tomorrow. I will not let my stupid Congressman piss me off.
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I called my stupid congressman the other day to tell him that his dumb little committee made a big mistake when they tried to cut funding to public broadcasting.

The lady at his office seemed nice enough. But then again, Dave Reichert seemed nice enough on his phone messages asking me to vote for him. But I knew better.

Yeah, it's too bad that nice doesn't mean smart. Or taking the moral high ground. Jerks.

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