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Memory Lane

This morning as I was driving to work, the song World in Fascination started playing on my iPod. My brain was flooded with memories of driving around aimlessly at night, listening to C89 on the radio and singing along with zannah.

We loved that song almost as much as we loved the driving. Somehow we never got lost even though we used dice to determine which way to turn at intersections. Once, I even got us to the church we were trying to find even though we'd never been there before and had no idea where it was.

The song was never really released in the US, it was only out in promo form and the radio station wouldn't give us a copy. It took me 10 years to find the CD, looking off and on. And now every time I hear it, my brain goes back to midnight drives.

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I still tell the church story!! It was amazing that we found that place.

I still love that song. *sigh* I have many a fond memory of those drives. We were nuts. *grin* Good times.

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