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Today seems to be "bring your short person to work" day. I'd completely forgotten about this, as I have no short people to bring. This seems to be the worst idea ever, and I think I repeat this every year. What kid wants to sit around for a day watching their parent go to meetings, type on the computer or talk on the phone? Really. What are these people thinking? Are they thinking? Have they forgotten what it was like to be a kid? Sure, I can see bringing your kid in for an hour or two, something reasonable where they don't become a hazard. But really, all day? Seems like an excuse to get out of paying for a sitter, if you ask me.
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You could have brought me! I'm a short person!

Aw, I should have thought of that!

Wouldn't every kid come away thinking "geez, Mom/Dad. You're job is boooooring"?

Hell, my kid comes to work with me every day and endeavours to sleep through all of it.

You'd think so. Even a firefighters job would seem boring, since they're not always out on a call.

Next year, dress as Ricardo Montalban and have someone assist you with "de plane, de plane" jokes all day. That'll make an impact around the office.

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