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Just a note: I never want to be preserved this way.

Zombie Dogs

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It has a potential application in medical emergencies, though. If you're in a horrible car accident and you're going to die on the scene, they could use this technology to get you to the hospital intact. I wouldn't want to be frozen for any length of time -- and I don't know how they'd plan to regulate that, except that this doesn't seem to *work* for long periods of time right now. But if it's just a matter of buying a few hours to save a life when time is the critical limiting factor, I don't think it's a horrible thing.

I'm finding myself doubting the veracity of this article. Just a hunch.

Until it's debunked, however, I find myself wondering how this would work on accident victims. If you have a gaping wound that is bleeding lots, this process supposedly replaces your blood, i.e. they put in your veins...which have a large interruption in the loop; that being the aforementioned gaping wound. How would this help?

My intuition and my skepticism both tell me the article isn't likely to be real. :)

"Zombie dogs", huh?

Sit! Roll over! Speak! "Bow wow, braaaaaains."

Mmm hmm.

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