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So, the weekend. I have the feeling this is going to take ages to write. So here I am, starting it at 10:40. We'll see how long it really takes. The weekend really started Thursday afternoon. So maybe this isn't a weekend recap but a summary of the last week.

Tuesday I started the ITIL class which took up all my work hours Tuesday and Wednesday in addition to the 3 hours of studying I did Wednesday night for the Thursday test. Thursday afternoon, after more class, they gave the class the test. One hour of test after 2.5 days of class on a very vague and theoretical subject. It was bad. Reading anything into the questions meant that you'd get them wrong, second guessing yourself meant you'd get them wrong. Ugh. And of course, I'd been up half the night with some sort of stomach thing. The only reason I even went to work was the danged test.

After the class, everyone went back to their cubes and discovered that they were fried. I was no exception. In fact, I had to take a walk for a while to wake up enough to drive home. Soooo very out of it.

Friday I stayed home and actually slept until 10:30. Yes, I was dead to the world. I spent some time crashed out on the couch and the rest picking up junk that's been sitting around since we pulled the house apart in October. I shredded so much paper, I filled up a grocery sack. Ah, I love getting rid of paper. My husband got home at a reasonable hour and we went out for dinner and a movie. An acutal date! We even got to see Mr and Mrs Smith before it left the theaters. I love that man.

Saturday was more sleeping in and puttering around. I moved the 3/4 dead goldfish to the tank upstairs to either live or die (just pick one!) and cleaned out the downstairs tank in preparation for new tropical fish. We moved some furniture around and ordered some bits for my husbands computer. Then we were off to the store to get some new bathroom rugs that would actually match. I know, it's a crazy idea. But man, they MATCH! So exciting. We even grabbed a bunch of books (including our anniversary present to each other - how to build a will and living will). Of course, we also had to stop by the office supply place so I could get some organizational supplies. How I love the little folders.

Sunday, lets see. Spent the morning poking around trying to decide which fish would survive in the tank and play well together. I love new fish. I don't know what it is about them, but woking with fishtanks is wonderful. We also cleaned up a bit more and pulled the grass from the front yard. It's almost ready for the new landscaping! All that's left is to figure out where to order large rock from. Silly places don't advertise. Then it was off to the store to pick up the 6 new neon tetras for the tank. If they survive a week, we'll add their next tank mate - a dwarf gourami.

Monday was spent poking around working on customizing one of my websites. That took all freaking morning and half the afternoon. Then it was off to Mom and Dads for a barbeque - my brother, his wife, 2 uncles and and aunt were there. That's more family than I see in one place for anything other than funerals anymore. The uncles and aunt are from Colorado and Georgia, so it wasn't just a short trip across town to visit the rest of us. We sat around and talked and ate through everything in our path. There was even a long period of playing with my brothers dog. We finally left about 10PM after playing pool and eating so much salmon that we could hardly stand it.

It was a really good weekend. I wish there was a way to clone it.
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