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Who says theres no monopoly?

I was going to post several days ago about ho we'd finally gotten the DSL problem fixed because we got a wonderful, competent person on the phone and she discovered that there was an actual problem. But now I can't. The DSL went down again yesterday and now I'm sitting at home waiting for the guy to show up to come INTO my house. Bastards. As soon as this problem is fixed, I'm switching. It's taken a month to get this far.

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Usually I tell them there's no possible way it could be an issue inside the house, as I haven't changed any configurations. If I'm very firm about them checking, they usually clear the problem up within the evening. (We had two weeks of some evening DSL down issues a month or two ago). Since then, we've been fine.

That's so not fair. The problem we're having is intermittent. And I admit, it could be due to my husband digging in the front yard. So I can't be as firm as you can. :( If this guy ever shows up, he's not getting in unless he can tell me he can solve an intermittent problem that's not happening at the moment. And if he can, he's not leaving until it's fixed.

"We've prepared the guest room for you; here's a set of towels and there are leftovers in the fridge."

I'm not that nice. He'll be locked in the closet overnight.

... for the next twenty-seven weeks ;-)

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