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(no subject)

I'm just going to say once more that Qwest sucks rocks. How can it take 5 days to turn off DSL? Really people, it's just an electronic change.

But my new ISP rocks. I called them, asked a question, got a good answer and was done in less time than it took to cancel my service with the rock-suckers. Soooo happy with switching.

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Not sure if it was Querst, but when we tried to get DSL at my old house a guy showed up and checked the line that went to the alarm system. Funny, our alarm system couldn't get DSL.

I was on the phone inside when he walked in a from hooking up and said, "Oh, you won't be able to use your phone while I'm teesting. It'll be disconnected."

I said, into the phone, "hold on a second", and to him, "when are you going to start?".

"I'm testing right now."

"Um, I'm using the phone right now."



Why am I not surprised?

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