savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Hair Band

Yesterday driving home from hanging out at the bar with some work friends (that a whole 'nother post), my iPod popped over to a Van Halen song. I must admit, I love Van Halen, in all their incarnations. As a kid, I loved singing along to Panama and Jump. I even like them as a Sammy Hagar backup band. Basically, I think it comes down to the guitar. Any band with an over the top electric guitar makes me happy.

One time, years ago, as I was driving to my boyfriends (now husband) apartment, Van Halen came on the radio and I bopped in my seat all the way over there. I arrived over at his place and told him that I'd been listening to Dreams on the way there and wanted to hear it again! He pulled out his tape and forwarded it to the song I wanted to hear and we danced in his living room together.

Only it wasn't Dreams that I'd been listening to on the way there. And I realized that about half way through the song. Fortunately, the next song on the tape was the right one. The name of the song? When It's Love.
Tags: husband, memories, music
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