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(no subject)

It just occurred to me (with help from a handy calculator) that we can afford a second mortgage. This means we can buy a new house and spend a month or two working on this one before we have to rent it out. That's just crazy! The worst part is that now I want to work on the house like mad.

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My best friend does Mortgages. Let me know if you are intrested and I will hok you up with him.

Would you please? I'd also like to know where he works out of. Thanks.

I don't know the name of the company of the top of my head. I will email you his info when I get home.

I am jealous beyond measure. I just wish we could afford our first mortgage.

This sort of thing always strices me as crazy, I'm so used to being poor/scraping by. But Husband has an awesome job that he loves and has been at Forever. That also makes my mind boggle.

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