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Washington state Senators rock:

Seven Democratic women Senators announced at a press conference yesterday that they will insist Supreme Court justice nominee John Roberts respond to questions about his position on abortion. The Senators are also demanding that Roberts clarify his position on the right to privacy, which underlies not only a woman’s right to legal abortion but also to birth control and a host of other civil rights for women and minorities.

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Excellant. I was more that a bit concerned over his dodgey opinion on Roe vs. Wade: "I have no problem enforcing Roe vs. Wade." It sounds kind of like: "I disagree with Roe vs. Wade and will vote to overturn it, but while it's still law I'm cool with enforcing it"..

Except that's not what he acts like. And what with the attempts to change the Violence Against Women Act, this administration just needs to get their ass kicked.

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