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Radio Silence

I love that phrase. It always lends a sense of romance and personal connection to this intarweb thing that it wouldn't otherwise have.

Anyway, I'm not dead. Really. Even though I'm sure that by this afternoon I'll wish I were. I'm starting a headache which I'm sure is half dehydration and half stress. I've had more interviews in the last week than any one person should be subjected to at once. Both Monday and Tuesday afternoons were taken up, and now I'm so tired I barely made it out of bed this morning. I can't believe I have to do an all-day one next Thursday. Of course, that's assuming that I don't get/accept an offer on Monday's interview. Yes, it went that well. In fact, at the end of the interview, the guy said "good job." Totally freaked me out. What the heck was he thinking being so forthright? But thank goodness for that. I'm so burnt out, I have no more interview-obfuscation skills left.

In other odd news, I've started yelling "pie hole" at people. It must be a sign of how insane I'm becoming that shortening "shut your pie hole" to just the last 2 words makes sense.

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She's mad! Mad I tell you! Shouts of "pie hole" reverberate throughout the building.

Yeah, it echoed across the parking lot and into your building. :P

Pie Hole.

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