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(no subject)

Rrrrr. I really should stop reading about Katrina-related news, but I just can't seem to. Things to make me mad today:
Barbara Bush is an idiot.
New Orleans never planned to get the poor/infirm out
New Orleans is like a little Somalia

Between that and the spontaneous New York Times the last two morinings (what's the deal with that?) I'm on news overload again. Yeesh.

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Tell me about it. These are the two things that have most recently disgusted me, though Barbara Bush is a close second.

Well, that and the director for FEMA telling people it was their own fault for not leaving. HUH?!?

Horrible. I just can't believe what's going on down there anymore. It's like there's some fascist regime... oh, wait.

So apparently her eyes aren't bugging out of her head because of the huge size of her brain.

Thank you for the sobering links. I caught BB's quote on NPR, but didn't know they were quoting her. The person speaking sounded young, naive, Texan. I thought it was a local mayor or some kind of rescue worker.

Interesting. I could have sworn I wrote a comment. Apparently I'm as dumb as Barbara Bush.

Once more proof that the people in charge of the government are idiots and that they can spin anything...."We didn't think the levies would break..."

Morons...the lot of them.

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