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How shall I describe Campapalooza? 20 drunken adults in the woods would be a good summary, but it doesn't really do the trip justice. Nor does it take into account the 3 kids, one of whom needs new parents desperately, or the 2 dogs that tried to romp continuously on their leashes. I swear, one of the dogs was trying to break her own neck by bounding past the end of her leash.

Friday night was a late night driving trip down to Mt Rainier to find the campground after frantic last minute packing. While playing with the new Thomas Guide, I managed to take us the most circular way possible. We arrived about 10:30, just in time to stumble around in the dark, set up the tent and crash.

Saturday was walking day. I walked the dogs about 3 times, then in the afternoon we went up Carter Falls. The GPS was being pissy, but the cache at the top was virtual - find the falls, you've got the cache. Since the falls were clearly marked, it was easy. However, the hike after all the dog walking seriously kicked my butt. After dinner and sitting around the fire in the cold, my muscles all siezed up. Oops, I forgot to stretch after we got back down the hill. All night long, I could barely stretch out my legs, let alone sleep without pain.

Sunday was eating, sitting around the fire, playing games and drinking Sangria. I only got 2 glasses out of the giant jug of wine because everyone else loved it too. In fact, some people loved it too much because they migrated to Tequila drinks afterward. Too much booze will make you sick! Silly people. So, for a variety of reasons about half the party went home Sunday. Losers.

Monday was even more food, trying to use stuff up. There are still leftovers sitting around because of the folks who weren't there to eat for half the meals. Anyway, it made packing difficult as there were way more coolers sitting around than could fit in the cars that were still there. But we made due, and only left a little firewood for the next folks to use that site.

Most of the weekend was spent talking about the annoying child and his parents, drinking and playing cards. The other two kids, and even the dogs (whose idea was it to ban dogs from the trails up there anyway?), were all good natured and mostly self entertaining so didn't factor into much other than the activities everyone was participating in. I hardly got in any reading time, but I also didn't feel the need to hermit. I don't know how that happened, but I'm definitely going to cultivate it for the next group outing.

Notes for next year:
  • Exercize! Yeesh!
  • Bring more Sangria.
  • Start earlier - take a half day to get up there before dark.
  • Don't let husband pack the car.

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I'm so sorry I missed it, but then again, sounds like at least one of the kids was a handful...I'd love to hear more ;)

Hopefully, you'll be able to make it next year. The pain-in-the-butt kid might not be there then. Thank goodness it wasn't one of pygma_lions sisters.

Yes, the butt-boy wasn't one of my sisters. Or one of her kids, either. At least he provided plenty of conversation starters.

I swear, he was the *only* topic of conversation of all weekend. Much better than being stuck rehashing our anger over the hurricane though.

Good summary. Although I'm mightily disappointed about not finding a box o'crap at the top of that trail. What's with this "virtual" garbage, anyway?

And the only thing I can think to add right now is our possibly incontinent, probably impotent, particularly incompetent friend One-T. Of course, I rode in the car with him both ways, so maybe I got more than my share.

I think you got more than everyones share of oneT. When we go again, I'll call you. It's usually more fun, what with the treasure at the end.

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