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Today I'm wearing my sailor pants. Dad and his teasing will be with me forever on these ones. As a side-note, ms_monkey, where do you find your dress socks? I seem to be clueless about such things.

Other Campapalooza-related trivia:
  • If you let OneT and pygma_lion's husband play the annoying joke game, it takes forever to find out that the molecule's positive.
  • Small boys should not be allowed to play within 3 feet of the fire, or their height, whichever is greater. No accidents, but many heart attacks on this score.
  • "Shut your mouth when you're talking to me."

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Feet need Clothes Too!

Black dress socks come in packs from Fred Meyer when they have a coupon for discounts on women's socks. Other colors, I'm willing to pay more for. I have also had success at Macy's and of course you can get great socks at Nordstrom, but you'll pay two or three times what you'll pay for regular socks at Fred Meyer. -- I've thought about this a little. :)

Re: Feet need Clothes Too!

Of course, Fred Meyer! Why didn't I think of that? I'm so glad that you've thought about it.

Ahoy! Aren't you posty lately?

That's what happens when there's no work to do. More updates. :)

Eventually you will have posted everything, and since nothing new happens, you'll be caught up!

Oh, but that's not true! There's all kinds of new stuff going on!

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