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I want Tiger. Now. Also, covet!! I don't want to wait for it! But the money budget says "Ooooh, you'll want your Tiger! You'll crave it fortnightly! (But you can't have it until next month!)" See, the money budget is even more evil than Colonel Sanders.

This bout of materialism is brought to you by spending hours on Amazon updating ratings and recommendations. This is what happens when there is literally nothing for me to do.

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Wow....you need a job....:) I thought they were all ready to "put you to work..."

Yeah, so did I. Did I mention that the first day they took away the desk phone? :P

I totally misread your post and link, and thought that you were saying you wanted an actual tiger as a pet. I'll let you just imagine that for a while. ;)

Oooh, that would be fun. As long as it didn't get all Siegfried and Roy. That might be too scary.

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