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(no subject)

And this Queen of Wands strip reminds me of the moot/mute discussion I had with my husband this morning. I used to work with people who would say things like "I had you on moot" or "That's a mute point." Gah.

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Heh. One of the PMs used to do that all the time. "Elainisms" we'd call them. Other than "Mute point" my favorites were:
"They can't be held atonable."
"Database snatch shot."

Wow. That's pretty funny/sad. But then, it's all capiche when you're talking out your ass. :)

I recently edited a paper, that I'm now responsible for rewriting that used the word "Formalize" instead of "Finalize" and chose to use the word "Effort" as a verb. "We effort to correct these problems." Other 'lesser' sins of grammar included the use of "Purpose" as a verb. It is a verb that can be used, but in modern common usage the verbs "Propose" or "Aim" have become more widely accepted. He's a co-worker so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but if he didn't know that "Effort" isn't a verb, I'm probably being generous with assuming he has knowledge of the obscure usages of words like "Purpose". Also shocking, most of his sentences failed to contain a subject, verb, and predicate. Nearly all were run-ons if they did, and those that attempted correct construction were often filled with dangling modifiers, changes in tense or voice, and lists of 20 or more items - none in parallel structure. My English isn't perfect, but it was not fun to read.

Re: Morons on Earth

That's so sad! It completely ruins whatever someone is attempting to say when they just blow it like that.

Thinking some more about this, I'm pretty sure that, given the calls I'm on, my phone should have a moot button.

Ha! Very true. Wes#2 really is moot.

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