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I'm super tired today, for no reason that I can fathom. At least I had something to do this morning. I got to fight Excel formulas, trying to make them bend to my will. Oddly enough, they weren't designed to do what I was trying to make them do, so now I know about Pivot tables, as it appears that's what I should have been using all along. But hard won knowledge is less likely to disappear, right?

Oh, and trista, thanks a lot for sending me your Hated Reports. Really. Now they're my Hated Reports and I'm not exactly thrilled about it.
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Any time. I'm happy to help. ;)

I've never been trained to create a pivot table, I have no idea why it's important and it seems to me that give the name it should have really good animated graphics to go with it. Share your wisdom of the pivot table with the world!

Re: Oh the Pivot Table

Pivot tables are important because they make spreadsheets act like databases. You can manipulate data much easier than using stupid functions. But it's so insanely easy it's not funny. Follow the wizard and play a bit. Done!

See thats where they get you....the "wizard." Its so magical that suddently all your data is missing (as well as your pants), your bosses head got shaved and there are a colony of mini-kyles living under your desk.

Beware! DOOOM!!!!

I am not the one who needs Emergency Pants.

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