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(no subject)

I am coveting several of the Rats by Lisa Snellings. Please, tell me that it's not necessary to own a Neil Gaiman rat. Nor a devil rat. And that the Poe rat doesn't really remind me of pygma_lion.

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I'm glad that a rat with a bird sitting on it reminds you of me. Is it Poe in particular, or literature in general, or somewhere in between?

And no, you don't need any of those rats. I mean, they're rats. Dressed up rats. No, you definitely don't need to own those particular dust magnets.

Poe, on so many levels, reminds me of you. And also, a Poe rat would look lovely next to your Shakespeare duck.

It's because I'm a hopeless drunk with serious mental problems hygiene married to my underage cousin, isn't it?

And I think a Poe rat would scare away my Shakespeare duck.

So it is possible that I just posted an anonymous reply to this. But it was me. Really. Unless you found it offensive, in which case it was my evil twin.

I think your Shakespeare duck is scary enough to hold its own. And when you post Anon, I have to unscreen it, so stop doing that!

Also, I think I need the devil for the Halloween party. It's required.

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