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(no subject)

Is it just me, or is anyone else bothered by the new rubber bracelet fad? The last time I wanted a rubber bracelet, I think I was 12. Why on earth would you want a whole arm full of thick rubber? Or is this cheap arm hair removal?

(Yes, I know some are for good causes. Yes, it's still stupid. I don't give money to charity for the crap they give you.)

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I'm not even sure what most of them are for. I do wear a yellow Livestrong wrist band quite often, though, and have since my mother was diagnosed as having lung cancer a few months ago. It helps me remember to think positive thoughts for her.

Good lord, I sound like a defensive, sniveling whineypants, don't I? Ack. That's not at all what I was going for. I was mostly trying to give you a non it's-so-trendy possibility. I'm going to stop now before I start to sound even whinier. Ick.

That's an excellent reason to wear one. I think they're selling them at places like Claire's because they're cool. That just bugs the crap out of me. It's really sad that 12 year olds running around with Princess on a giant rubber band sort of detract from the original reason for the things.

Welcome to Capitalism....it takes a good idea that was used for a little bit of good, makes it trendy, and the exploits the masses for profit...

Sorry to sound so communist...its just my gripe with the system.

So you're saying that the people who actually support causes are first adopters? That seems... odd. I think it's more the "sell to the 12 year old" mentality.

I've seen the ones at Claire's and places like that. It's a shame, because it takes away a great deal of the impact the "for a cause" wrist bands have. Before they became so trendy, people asked what the Livestrong band was for, so it did at least a little bit to help raise awareness. Not so much anymore, though.

It's a cheap way of saying, "I'm a nice person because I gave some nice cause a dollar. See, aren't I nice? Look. See?"

I think its mostly lame.

I was, at one point, amused by the sub culture spread of the bands. Now, it's just irritating. Can't move a muscle without seeing one.

I remember seeing a clear one that said "Supporting Meaningless Gestures", but I can't for the life of me remember where or on who.

Still, good idea.

I remember seeing a clear one that said "Supporting Meaningless Gestures", but I can't for the life of me remember where or on who.

That is F***ing hill-air-e-us!

That's great! Very much like the magnectic ribbon that says "I support the guys in China who make these ribbons."

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