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Tom Collins is my new best friend; Also, a wedding tale

Friday night my husband and I attended the wedding of a friend of my brother (well, he's also kind of my friend/financial guy and I've known the bride's sister for years). It was awkward: we were there particularly early as I overestimated traffic (like that would ever happen again!), my brother was in the wedding, we didn't know anyone other than my parents and sister-in-law, and she was there after the ceremony ended. It was good to see them so happy, but I'm particularly glad we didn't stay long. We participated in the "how long have you been married" dance - my parents were the longest at 39 years, but Dad was being a butt so he disqualified himself early. It was really weird to have so few married couples there, what with the number of weddings we've attended.

Anyway. The food was good, the ceremony was beautiful, and the people were glowing. Partially with drunkenness, but whatever. In fact, the bartender ran out of soda. So instead of a vodka and soda, I ended up with a vodka Collins. It was great! Much better than the super-sweet drink I was expecting. So I spent all weekend trying to figure out where to get Collins mix, since it doesn't appear to be in stores anywhere. Today, I find out there's a reason or that. It's basically soda and lemon juice. So now I feel like an idiot, but at least I know how to make the drink I like.

Other bartending links:
The Authentic Bartender - good list on how to stock a bar
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I always thought it was lime juice. Or lime cordial.

Really? I actually have no idea, but the impression I got was that it was very similar to sour mix and margarita mix. Could be either, I guess.

I've bought Collins mix before, at Safeway. I think most WA liquor stores also have it.

(it's usually right next to the bottles of store-brand ginger ale or tonic water)

You know, I looked. And went to the liquor store. Nothing. The best I could do was on Amazon, and that seemed little over the top.


Thanx for the link,

George Courtney

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