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The husband and I went to see Wedding Crashers last night. There were several funny parts, but the best of the bunch was an audience member gasping in shock at a declrataion though none of the characters on screen reacted. It was hilarious. And I just adore Vince Vaughn, he kills me.

Anyway, before the movie we were subjected to lots of previews, including that for Doom. They're actually making it a first person point of view in portions of the movie. This seems really stupid to me, as people who get motion sick won't be able to watch it. Of course, I'm taking for granted that anyone would want to watch it in the first place and it won't turn out like Wing Commander, which is a huge leap all by itself.

Oh, and it looks like they're not only making Pirates of the Carribean 2, but also Pirates 3. That's just crazy.
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