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(no subject)

Via tdj: Discardia - a philosophy for reducing clutter in your life. I actually follow many of the concepts behind this philosophy. We have a standing space for items we need to donate and I go through my stuff on a regular basis to see what I can get rid of. I've got a closet that holds clothes for 6 months before ditching them permanently if they're on the questionable list. It makes it so much easier to get rid of things when I know that I haven't used them.

One of the points made is to start with a space that you love. I think that's our problem right now. The current house is configured all wrong for how we live as a couple. It worked just fine for just me and the cats - I had the space arranged the way I wanted it and didn't have guests over very much

But now I want to have dinner parties and bring people into my house and the house just won't let me. There's no space for the number of computers we have AND the TV AND the treadmill. There's just too many large devices and the house is oddly configured so it doesn't allow for open space. And dammit, I need open space. Wall to wall furniture doesn't make me happy.

So between now and the glorious new house that will someday come alive, we're stuck ditching stuff at every opportunity just to make room for me to think. I suspect we'll have another purge in a week or two. It felt so good to get rid of the last batch of clutter...