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It has occurred to me that the US has been in denial for a long time. Did we think we were immune to these tactics? They are used in many other countries. What makes us so special that we should not be subject to the same acts of hate? Especially with so much hate directed at us by small groups of people. I just thank my lucky stars that this is the first attack. And I hope beyond hope that Bush will do the right thing. That he will punish those who planned this act of violence, but not harm the innocents in the countries where these people live.

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Did we think we were immune to these tactics?

I agree with you, we shouldn't have been so unprepared for this. It happens all the time everywhere else, so why should we be special?

But another part of me is saying that we are the United States, whomever it was who decided to do this to us should of/does know we would/will retaliate, ya know?

I know. And I know that we will seek justice. But I can still imagine the evil person that perpretrated this horror in his comfortable house, watching CNN and laughing. We closed down for a day. I just hope that we can stop this one group from doing this again. I know we passed this test, and hope that it never happens again.

and I hope that it never happens again

I know. I've heard many people say they doubt this is over. I feel like I'm living in fear of more plane's crashing. I had two friends flying out of town today.

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