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Slap the Monkey Down

I beat the monkey in trivia, but barely. This is sad. But what's worse is that 68% of the takers did worse than I did.

Your Final Quiz Score: 29 right out of a possible 60
The Monkey's Final Score: 20 right out of 60

Congratulations on defeating the lowly monkey, yet it would have been nice had you crushed him in battle more definitively. Not a bad showing overall, however one would have expected the human score to far exceed that of the ape. You have represented your species not excellently but competently. Good job overall. You have delt the monkey a blow to his confidence.

You scored in the 68th percentile.
(68% of quiz takers scored worse than you)

Your score: 7
Monkey's score: 4
-- Not your finest performance.
Your score: 7
Monkey's score: 6
-- You might have done better.
Your score: 5
Monkey's score: 4
-- Good enough I suppose.
Random Trivia
Your score: 10
Monkey's score: 6
-- Good but not great.

Link: Take the Trivia Challenge