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Last Sunday, as I was riding up with my husband to my parents house to move the Great White Whale I was completely blinded by the sun. I didn't want to ride with my eyes closed the whole way and I can only control my left eye for winking. So I decided to learn to wink with my "off" eye. I set out isolating which muscles were doing the work and trying to replicate it on the other side of my face. I spent half the ride practicing my new wink.

It occurred to me that this was a very adult way of learning to wink. I can't remember how I learned this skill, neither can my husband (I asked). In fact, in thinking about it, it seems rather odd that I am right handed but wink with the left. Shouldn't dominance in muscle control be consistent? So, a poll!

Poll #578449 Winkies

Do you remember learning to wink?


I am:

right handed and wink with the left.
left handed and wink with the right.
right handed and wink with both.
left handed and wink with both.
oh, and this is a dumb poll.

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I do remember learning to raise my eyebrow the way I'd seen Spock do while i was in the 4th grade. I did it the methodical way you mentioned for winking as an adult. I went to the mirror and held one eyebrow until I could control just the muscle for the one eyebrow. Because I was 9, however, I didn't account for the mirror image flipping sides. I raise the opposite eyebrow (perhaps I'm from the mirror universe where they wear goatees). Wow, that was geeky.

Well, sure. But very you. :)

If told to wink without further instruction, I will do it with my right eye, but I don't have any difficulty winking my left eye if I want to. I picked the "both" option, 'cause I think that's what it means, not necessarily that I do it interchangeably without preference for one eye over the other?

If you have the ability to do both, that's close enough for me. I hadn't really thought about it that in-depth.

You poll has made me realize that it's easier to wink with my left eye than my right, but both are functional winks. With the left eye, it feels like just my eyelid is winking, but with my right it feels like my whole cheek and eyebrow are in on the action.

I do remember consciously trying to arch my right eyebrow, which I still can't do properly, although I can with my left.

Thank you SO much for pointing out more asymmetry in my life.

Asymmetry is bad? I thought it made for good art.

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