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(no subject)

I feel a little better - this morning started out rough, what with the news saying that Senator Murray had voted to accept John Roberts as a Supreme Court Justice and a reminder that Brown is still working at FEMA, even after resigning. Contractor helping assess what went wrong with the response to Katrina my ass.

Anyway, I just wrote my Senators - one to say I was disappointed and the other to support their decision. I've also looked at Initiatives 330 and 336 and decided how I'll vote in November (no to both). My political activities certainly have gone up lately, what with all the idiots in office pulling crazy stunts. But at least I feel like I've done my part by doing the research and yelling at them when necessary.

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I'm sorry, Brown is helping assess what went wrong? Isn't that a leedle 'physician heal thyself'? Or "ye cannae act as judge and accuser bothe!"?

Yeah. It makes me sick. Wouldn't you assume that if he knew what to do, he would have done it in the first place? Geez.

No....doing the thing would have cost money and screwed him out of this whole "contracting" thing where he now makes even more money then he did before. :)

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