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Dammit, my DSL is down again. It's been down since Sunday. This is really going to piss me off at some point, probably beyond all reasonable pissed-offness. Particularly since it takes my phone down with it. Dammit.

At least I got to see Serenity last night. I absolutely loved it, beyond all expectation. Yes, pygma_lion, half the reason was that I'd seen the series before seeing the movie, which made it much more than a 2 person film.
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But you don't have Evil Qwest anymore! How could this happen?

They think it's either a problem with my modem or with the line into the house. The latter wouldn't surprise me that much, just because Husband has been out digging and accidentally "stripped" a random with in the yard about a year ago. But this is the first time anyone has actually isolated it to this level before.

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